Grassroots development in Africa through Education, Clean Water solutions and Health Care.

Personal update
Dear Family & Friends,

Thank you so much for the birthday wishes! I had a great and special day with my family yesterday. My husband took us out for breakfast and then we did some birthday shopping and ended the day with a home baked pizza. It was such a beautiful day with the 3 people I love most in the world. As a special gift to me REJoyce took her first 10 steps on my birthday. That was so thrilling!



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Please pray for:

Pray for the Water & Health Care outreach to Cameroon:
o Provision for the plane tickets and visas for our family and the guests coming
o Many connections with local doctors and nurses
o Donations of materials and medicines
o Protection of the workers
o Fruitful outreach being able to reach out to many

Pray for the trip to Nigeria and the Netherlands:
o Provision for our plane tickets and visas
o Good health of us and our children
o Fruitful time with friends and family
o Good adjustments for the children to new time zones, climates and living conditions